of Field Data

And Inventory Experience. Leveraging nearly 4 decades of operational inventory field experience with 30,000 to 60,000 plots annually, across North America. These forest inventory efforts include; annual inventory updates (VRP), timber valuations, permanent growth and yield plots (CFI), carbon offsets, and digital-forest verification plots (LiDAR/Remote Sensing). Our field professionals provide confidence in your forest measurement information.

Your Forest

By Individual Trees. Get the GPS location of each tree in your forest. Provide the greatest accuracy of silvicultural information to field professionals and managers. Measure physical growth and calculate site index for every acre.

GPS Location

Height, Crowns, Volume

Piece Size & Diameter

Site Productivity

At Scale

A “Digital Forest” at your fingertips to populate exiting polygons with individual trees or re-stratify the landscape based on desired tree attributes. Identify high conservation value areas including; nesting sites, forage ratios, cover areas, and riparian areas, and potential large woody recruitment. Every custom selection or polygon is a list of individual trees, each with its unique features.


Log Size Distributions. Species, diameter, height, and product distributions. Merchandise or re-merchandise any area as markets or product demand changes. Estimate logging and hauling costs for every acre. Reduce inventory costs, know total-forest stocking, and geographically map the feasibility of supply-chain decisions.


Improving and Forecasting. Get the most accurate forecasts of return for any treatment on any acre, including; stand and stock tables, product profiles, and growth & yield data. Confirm forest benefits and services such as carbon, fiber and wildlife habitat, as well as quantify fire risk and cash flow accurately over time.

Improved Future Forest. Model growth, mortality, and stand dynamics over time under varying silvicultural alternatives with greater accuracy and reliability at multiple scales. Our robust data provide the power to make better-informed decisions across a landscape at the individual-tree and ownership level.


Discounted Cash Flow. Timberland valuation at any scale from 10 to 10-million acres. We implement the cost-based approaches using sophisticated growth and yield models, harvest scheduling, and market analyses. Comparable sales from our front-line real estate team, pair the highest quality data with the most sophisticated models to provide investment-grade recommendations with confidence.